And the list goes on…..

Instead of spending days reposting everything I decided to just put it all out there at once….so the continuation of my L3 list….and the beginning of getting back to getting these done!

Hopefully this will encourage you to create one as well. You don’t have to have 100 items, or hell, even 10 items. Write your goals…your dreams….your journeys to take…add to it as you think of new things….and do it. Go. Do. It!

11. Shake hands with a clown. (Really, I am SO over having this fear that I am going to conquer it!) I’ve almost…but still working on it! I did go to the Halloween store and take photos with the hanging creepers so that counts for something!

12. Dress up in the most amazing formal dress, shoes, jewels, etc that I can find and go to a super fancy restaurant for dessert only!

13. Go on a cruise!

14. Hot Air Balloon Ride! I neeeed to do this!

15. Go to a wine tasting (I live in a town with all these wine places…just need to get to it~) DONE! Many many times now LOL!

16. Work on a house with Habitat for Humanity. (I’m hoping to do this maybe this Summer if I’m able)

17. Make a blog and update at least 3 times a week (kinda this for now lol)

18. Dance in the rain….naked. (Yes, I said naked…hey, we all have our oddball wants right LOL)

19. Zip line!

20. Learn to use jumper cables (they scare me for some reason so I need to get past that) I spent most of last year doing this one….so yeah, marked off!

21. Learn to change a tire. (Sadly a lot of people don’t know how…probably a handy thing to know) DONE….tire curse from hell!

22. Learn directions (If someone says North, South, East, or West….I’m lost!) As done as I think it’s going to be. I try….I realllllly do….and thanks to Geocaching and my best friend I’m better at least.

23. Bake a cake from scratch! (coming soon!) DONE! Many times…and cupcakes from scratch (yeah yeah it’s kinda the same but Shhhh!

24. Have a picnic at midnight under the stars with friends. DONE!
25. Plant and grow at least 3 vegetables/herbs. (I have a NOT green thumb so I look forward to this challenge lol) Done…though they didn’t grow much and they died soon thereafter…but hey, I tried!

26. Master the art of graceful walking in high heels, achieved when I can do it with a book on my head. (Seriously, I could do this at 18…what happened!). (Practicing!) DONE! I can rock out in heels again!

27. Spend a full day (ok, 8 hours) exploring my town with my eyes, my heart, and of course my camera. (Do you Really know what awesome spots are in your town?) I have…the town I was in before and the one I’m in now.

28. Do a level 5/5 Geocache

29. Lose 1lb a week until goal is reached (30 lbs). Goal reached long ago and happier and healthier than I was for years!

30. Visit a photography exhibit at a gallery or museum in a large city. DONE…quite a few times in Chicago and ArtPrize in Grand Rapids last year

31. Travel more of Route 66 (I’ve made it to the St Louis area but have Much more to go)

32. Create and send out Geocache travel bugs for some of the awesome people in my Universe and hopefully get others interested in this fun adventure!

33. ______________________ more to come!




When I’m 84…

I always say I file things away in my “File 84″…so that when I’m 84 and sitting reminiscing about my past I can think back to when I did this or that….


Many years ago I wrote a list…my L3 list….Livin’ Lovin’ Life….to some, a “bucket list”. Call it whatever you choose but I thought it out and added to it and subtracted from it. Somewhere along the line I sat it aside as I wandered through life. Sure, I’d think about it now and then and wonder if and when I was going to get things done. I looked back through old Facebook “notes” today and thought to myself “Damn, you really need to get back to doing this!”. I’ll post the first part of it in a moment and add more as time goes by. It’s funny to me, in ways, to look back and see what I wanted then and to think about what I want now. Even better is seeing what I have marked off the list as time has gone by (a few I didn’t even realize).

What’s on your list? What do you want to do, see, experience? What are you doing to actually make this happen? And if the last one is “nothing”….why? You have ONE life to live…One…and you should be living it to the fullest. If you believe in your dreams they can become reality.

For now….Part 1 (on some you’ll see notes in bold…the notes I added as I reflected). Some may sound silly but to me they are important 😉 )

Peace and Love

Live Love Life my friends!



Originally posted on Facebook notes in April 2010

The Livin’ Lovin’ Life List was inspired by Uncle Tom ‘Mud’ Moore as he was battling Pancreatic Cancer. Throughout his battle, that sadly we lost him from, he posted a lot on the Caring Bridge and much of it was about taking the time to live life, to stop and smell the roses and such. It really really made me start thinking about how fast time goes by and how we don’t slow down enough to do the things we WANT to do as opposed to the things we HAVE to do. It made me think about what I want to do and so I started writing my list.

The term bucket list didn’t really appeal to me…it just didn’t have the positive and fun feel that I needed to get inspired to do the things I WANT to do. So I call mine the Livin’ Lovin’ Life list…and it’s always being added to…

I’ll post 10 a day…some I’ve done, some I’m working on…some are silly or even ridiculous to some…but it’s what I WANT to do. I have a photo album that will have pics added whenever I do things on my list.

Thank you Uncle Mud for making so many of us stop and think…thank you for giving me the knowledge that I need to live everyday to the fullest. Thank you and Aunt Kay both for things like Photo Scavenger Hunts (I’ve shared that idea with so many people and we love doing them!). Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us all on the Caring Bridge. Thank you for just being you.

Uncle Mud you are missed more then you can imagine but you have inspired SO many people…some you knew and some who others of us knew and shared with. Thank you. This list is in honor of you.

To all of you reading this….make a list, call it whatever you want but really…STOP and Smell the Roses…LIVE LOVE LIFE!

The first 10 things on my list are:

1. Participate in a 5K walk/run (there’s a great site called Couch to 5K for anyone else wanting to do this too…it may not happen this week or this month or even this year…but it will happen!) DONE….many the mud, the rain, trails and crazy places!

2. Try out for a roller derby team!  Eliminating this one, it was never really my thing but more of something a friend wanted to do, and did, that I got caught up in the excitement of.

3. Ride the Millennium at Cedar Point. This WILL happen!

4. Raise $1000 for a charity. (The link for the PanCan Walk is on my profile page if anyone wants to help!) I think I’ve reached this with my walk for suicide prevention but I can’t recall the exact amount, therefore I can’t mark it off.

5. Be published (either my photos, poetry, or whatever…there may be something in the works on this one, I hope!) DONE…photos published ages ago and writing have been a few times as well.

6. Go horseback riding. (It’s been so long that I feel like I never have)

7. Hike one of the hard trails at Clifty Falls State Park. (I’m happy to say this one happened April 2010!)

8. Go to Vegas (in the works for 2011!) 2011 didn’t happen but it’s in the works sometime in 2017 or 2018 depending on dates.

9. Change the oil in my own vehicle (I just want to know how to say I know how lol)!

10. Skydive! (Aiming for this Summer or next on this one too!). Annnnd…..still haven’t yet, still may someday!

When you take time off…..


Blogging has taken a backseat for quite some time now. I’ve been in the midst of career changes, learning, and letting go. All of these have been a journey needed to help me to move forward and truly start living.

A little background. For 4 1/2 years I worked in the field of Corrections at one of the worst places you could ever imagine (and really, don’t try). It was a job that helped me to move to a new city and start a new life so that was a plus. But over time it became a job that, no matter how shiny I was trying to be on the outside, jaded me inside and was slowly taking parts of my spirit with it. I learned so many things over those years about who I was and who I wanted to be. I found a side of myself that was braver than I knew and I found a side of myself that was colder than I could have imagined. It was time to move on.

Fast forward 4 months ago when I started taking dealer classes (not That kind of dealing..sigh…the kind that involves cards!) at a casino nearby. I was intimidated as hell at first, wondering if I could work with the public full time again. Not to mention math has never been a strong point of mine and WOW the numbers that fly through your head all night! At one point I said words that I never say…”I can’t do this”. I wanted to quit and just continue on in the soul sucking world I worked in. “I can’t do this.” I cringe when I hear others say that and here I was saying the words myself. Fortunately for me I removed my head from my ass, so to speak, as well as listened to friends who stood behind me and helped me understand that I could and Would get through the classes.  I did. In April I completed my auditions and I’ve been dealing ever since. I walked away from Corrections (which much respect for many of my coworkers who can handle it) and into the world of bright lights, loud noises, and being a performer 8 hours a night. I love it. L. O. V. E. it!

So here I am. Back to sharing the crazy journey that is my L3 world. It’s time to start working on marking things off my Livin’ Lovin’ Life list again and creating adventures!

Get ready…..because away we go!

Until next post….love yourself and just live!

dealer me

It’s officially been one week since Paleo and squats started….

January 11, 2016 After week 1 of Paleo 158 (down from 161)
January 11, 2016
After week 1 of Paleo
158 (down from 162)

So week 1 is officially over.

I started at 162 lbs with a loss of 4 the first week.

Energy level is surprisingly high. For the most part the cravings are under control (I still miss cheese and chocolate the most, why lie!). I’m having a blast creating in the kitchen and loving the food exploration!

It’s not all about the eating changes though. I work out 5 days a week between strength training, cardio, and teaching Zumba classes two days a week.

The photo is because…well…..I’m not going to be shy about this, this is my body today and I’m interested to see what it’s going to look like when the 30 days is complete.

I’ve been asked questions about Paleo and why I chose that. As I’ve said before, it’s not about weight loss for me. I have skin issues and after researching and seeing “cut grains” multiple times I decided it was worth a try. But I also decided that perhaps it would help in my quest to lose those places that working out isn’t hitting as much as I’d hoped….so, why not give it a try!

As for the squat challenge? Well, for that one, I’m just a little nuts and decided it would be fun (yes, I question my own definition of fun at times). I started off with 200 and add 5 a day. Yesterday was rest day so today it’s time to get back to it with 230. Lucky for me I teach tonight and my Zumba class has 200 squats throughout it.

More to come soon……in the meantime, even though it’s cold outside, get your body moving and rock your workout!

~ Tricia


Squat, Eat, and Dance….

Day 6 of Paleo

Day 6 of Squat Challenge (except today is a rest day…oh, happy joy!!)

It’s been one hell of an (almost) week! I completely expected to be in a complete state of Grrr after this many days with so many of my normal foods no longer in my world, but I’m so Not!

Now, I won’t lie to anyone. I’ve had a couple of minor cheat moments (not counting my one  a day diet soda I previously discussed). I’ve had a handful of those fabulous little bites of Valentine’s silliness aka Conversation Hearts and a couple of little pieces of OMG the Best bites of Dove candy Ever! Little pieces of dark chocolate, sea salt, and caramel happiness! But that’s all. No cheese (Ooooo so missed that BUT found a recipe for….well, you’ll see sometime in the near future!), no grains, and no bread or crackers (though the bgf- best guy friend- doing this did make a batch of Naan Bread which I still need to photograph.). I’m weirdly proud of myself for this!

The Squat Challenge update…Eesh…tomorrow is going to be 230. I’ve been adding them into my weight workouts, so I’ll do a set and squat 15, do a set and squat 15 more, LatherRinseRepeat! Honestly it’s not as bad as I anticipated and I am starting to notice a difference here and there.

Speaking of a difference…I’m not scale dependent as I’ve said in the past. I don’t live or breathe by it and it’s not really my main focus for the Paleo. However, I did step on the scale a couple of days before we started and weighed in at 162 which is ok by me because I’m rockin’ some bad ass guns and buns right now so the scale doesn’t show that. BUT I weighed yesterday and I’m already down 3.8! I’m not disappointed, mind you, a little loss isn’t a bad thing in my opinion.

That’s the update for now. Before I go I’ll add a couple more photos of some of the yum creations of the week, Green Beans with mushrooms and bacon and Egg Bake (both recipes will be added soon).  More recipes, more photos, and more of the odd quirkiness of my world are coming…..Soon!

Cooking tip of the moment…..use your kitchen shears to cut up bacon before cooking! Cooks faster and easier!



Until then…appreciate YOU for YOU!

Food prep and serious Noms!

First week of Paleo and the Squat Challenge is zipping along pretty well.

Yesterday was hell day of a workout. Started off the day lifting and doing the first 115 squats (215 yesterday) and had Zumba class to teach yesterday evening while finishing the other 100! Whew!

The night ended with doing something I really enjoy…..creating in the kitchen! With Paleo I’ve had to adjust a bit and let go of things such as grains, dairy (ahhh cheese, I still miss you), legumes, and the like and that’s meant a little more thinking on food. Since I have a co-challenger on this it also means that between the two of us we can rock out some serious yum!

Aside from the highly recommended and extremely helpful book, Paleo For Dummies, I’ve also found some great sites with recipes (not to mention my own imagination). Last night I tried one I found at Paleo Grubs; baked pork chops with Apples, Onions, and Bacon! YUM!

Now, those who know me know that I am Horrible at keeping to a recipe. I try but suddenly I’m so all over the place the original isn’t even in existence anymore. I’m proud to say that I managed to keep this one pretty close to the original and it turned out amazing! The apples and onions together weirded me out at first but when I tasted it….yeah, that changed my mind!


Aside from the above I also marinated chicken thighs in pineapple juice for a couple of hours (while teaching class) and after draining I took the thighs and flattened a bit, put a piece of pineapple and a piece of ham on one side, folded it over, and seasoned with Cavender’s Greek Seasoning (my favorite blend of spices). After getting all of those made I used the remaining ham and pineapple to cut up on top, added some little pieces of bacon, and baked for about an hour at 375. Totally tasty! There’s more to finish making tonight so I’m sure you’ll be seeing more.

Until then…..enjoy your day. Look in the mirror and find 3 amazing things that you love about yourself and be proud of who you are!



My love of Cheese and our Breakup.

So I just made it through Day 2 of both the Paleo 30 day challenge and Day 2 of the WTF was I thinking Squat Challenge (day 2 = 205 squats).

First a note on Paleo. Yes, it’s only been two days but that’s a long time in ways (if you don’t believe me watch the movie I recently watched and see what can happen in two days…. the Stanford Experiment) and I MISS cheese already. Cheese more than chocolate even. Mind you, I miss chocolate as well but, Wow, you don’t realize how many things you have cheese on or cheese flavored! I feel rather, sad…lost and sad…without my cheese. Sigh. I shall miss it, so. But my body won’t!

I did give in on one thing and I’m not going to beat myself up over it. I, admitting this sounds horrible, have consumed between 3-5 diet sodas almost every day for a long time. A long time. I’ve tried to just stop quit on that in the past and if you’ve every tried to totally quit caffeine with no warning you’ll understand my next word…..Migraine! Um, no, can’t do those again. So I made the decision to allow myself one soda per day and that seems to be working ok. I could feel the headache coming on today shortly before getting the soda and had a minor panic moment! Eventually, if things go well, I’m hoping to just ease all the way off but until than I’ll have my one. (Did I mention I work nights so usually there’s at least one energy drink as well….gone!).


Meanwhile, in squat hell….the challenge started yesterday with 200 squats. Today was 205 and tomorrow 210. What the happy hell was I thinking! Oh, wait, I was thinking I’m going to have one Hell of a great Squat Ass when this is done! By calculations and with Sunday’s as rest day according to my normal workout schedule, I should be rockin’ out 315 squats when this is done. Well, we I mean since my gym partner has chosen to brave this with me. Gratitude is having a friend to workout with and a coach/friend to do Paleo with. Again, it’s going to be a Hell of a month!



That’s all for the moment. Oh, let me tell you about my little “help I need something sweet” find. I researched a few sites for what I could grab to snack on (food prep tonight but sometimes it’s just grab and go) and LaraBar‘s came up. I’m not usually a fan of pressed together goop but this goop actually tasted pretty damned good. So far I’ve had the Macadamia Cookie and the Apple Pie. The Apple Pie was really tasty, the Cookie I could take or leave. But it’s something for when I need to get by! So far there’s only four I’ve found that can definitely be classified as Paleo but it’s a start!



All for now…..go rock that body today and Love YOU!

~ Tricia